Spatz Brick Furniture by Fx Balléry
by Harry / December 18, 2012

French designer Fx Balléry has created a series of tables and a coat hanger that use bricks as ballast.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Called Spatz, the brick, steel and wood furniture was designed for Brique it!, a Particule 14 collective show held in September 2012 at Lieu du Design during Paris Design Week.


Says Balléry, Spatz are "three mutant trowels which evolve, grow, change. Bricks as essentials mutagens. Two tables and a coat hanger which, without these bricks, wouldn't work."


The Brique it! show invited 12 designers to present objects inspired by, and made with, the modest building material. Balléry's Spatz bases are shaped like a brick hod, or carrier, with the bricks stacked as they would be if they were carried.


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