AVEAMEN - Design For The Spirit by Labìt Architetti
by Harry / December 10, 2012

25 designers reinterpret the sacred object - the rosary in 21st century - "between symbolism and experimentation" in an exhibition curated by Labìt Architects.

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iRosario by Marco Ferreri

A small set of headphones that transforms iPhone earphones into a rosary. "Ora pro nobis."

"What if the Rosary today could be seen and used like that? ... an ear plug set for iPhone, a kit for orthopedic sticks, a mechanical machine, a custom meter, a candle, a little box fixed on your belt or even a music composition, a movie."


Rosary Walking Stick by Paolo Orlandini

The Rosary stick concept combines two functions in a single object. "The rosary isn't 'hidden' anymore in a pocket or purse, but it is joined to the stick to be always available and to make the stick itself a richer object, more aesthetic and decorative."

AVEAMEN - Design For The Spirit presents the Rosary reinterpreted by 25 contemporary designers and artists, in what Labìt Architetti says was "a mere cultural challenge which became an exhibition".


Ave-Mater by Giulio Iacchetti + Leonardo Sonnoli

"The classic rosary beads, replaced by the alphabetic characters, give a more original character to the object of devotion, making every recited prayer truly 'unique'."

"After all the rosary is a usable object, an ergonomically designed well made prayer meter. At times during certain formal rituals, it's with intrinsic value can install a sort of reverential repeat, even in non-believers."


Metro by Marco Zito + Gianfranco Vasselli

"The Metro rosary, where 'metro' is a multivalent word - in view of the similarity to the tape measure, to test our belief and as a hint at the new possible way of conceiving the object in a contemporary metropolis - is a perforated tape, of modest size, made with recycled paper which is soaked to be scented, colored and personalized."

"This originates for the sensation of having in front of you, a perfect and complete object, it pushes you to create a disscusion, a need to ret-think a new way to say your prayers in the same old way."


Thread by Todd Bracher

"We wanted to create the most humble rosary that we could. Modest and discreet, totally fixing our minds on the ritual of the prayer and not on the object itself."

"If we only had to use this tool to count, our ten fingers would be quite sufficient. How fascinating it would be to have such purity, but faith requires symbols, objects, and tangibility, to lead us to a dimension that renders us towards our highest spiritual state."


Anima E Corpo by Massimo Barbierato

Anima e Corpo is a set of edible rosaries, made of flour,water, baking powder and a pinch of salt.

"And as human beings, we need to measure ourselves with that sense of childish enjoyment. For he who wants to fly with their mind, does not wish to stop, even in the face of perfection."

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