Nonsystem Furniture by Jung-Cheng Su
by Harry / November 6, 2012

Taiwanese product designer Jung-Cheng Su's Nonsystem is a furniture system, or... not.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Nonsystem was inspired by an image of a homeless person building a bed with two storage boxes and chipboard. Says Su, "I was very fascinated by this minimalist style. So I created this box furniture collection to cope with all changes by remaining unchanged."


Nonsystem consists of five various elements that can be adjusted to a user's needs. Made of aluminum, maple wood, Plexiglas and recycled plastic, the collection can be playfully mixed and matched.


Su continues, "It is a research of function and material. While designing these boxes, I learned to treat different materials in different ways."


"The final result gives a look almost like a collage of materials and colors."


"And what makes them look coherent is only by their dimension. So each piece can be regarded as an individual object but also part of the system."


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