"I Still Love NY" Hurricane Sandy Relief T-shirt by Sebastian Errazuriz
by Harry / November 4, 2012

Designer-artist Sebastian Errazuriz's New York city studio was paralyzed after Hurricane Sandy. Unable to work and tired of watching the disaster unfold on the news, Errazuriz decided to design something to help raise much-needed relief funds.


The idea occurred to Errazuriz after seeing the water line marked on the walls of the flooded galleries in New York's Chelsea art district. The hand-made T-Shirts are currently being made at the artist's studio in the 70's dip dying style. Featuring the beloved tourist classics "I Love NY" and the MTA subway T-shirts, the shirts are transformed into a flooded NYC and a Manhattan divided between those with electricity and those left in the dark.


Manhattan Blackout

Titled "I Still Love NY", the T-Shirts are a collaboration with Soho art and design space GREY AREA. 100% of the proceeds will be destined to Hurricane Sandy relief programs.


Manhattan Blackout with original artwork, photo by Jordan Doner

UPDATE: Sebastian Errazuriz produced the first editions of Manhattan Blackout using shirts purchased from street vendors. But it turns out that the MTA, the transportation authority in New York, owns the rights to the map. So Errazuriz has designed a new original map for the T-Shirt (above).


GREY AREA will be selling the T-shirts online and will also have them on store at the opening of their Americana show on Tuesday November 6, 2012, which will be held in parallel to the live screening of the elections.

The T-shirts can be purchased at:

+ shopgreyarea.com


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