Critical Blocks Miniature World by Maykel Roovers
by Harry / October 31, 2012

Maykel Roovers wanted to show how enormous modern construction works are, so he transformed them into toy blocks.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


During Dutch Design Week 2012 Roovers exhibited buildings that represent the zeitgeist transformed into toy blocks. The goal was to show their actual large scale in human terms, which becomes clear in contrast with the miniature forms in which he presented them.


Says Roovers, "During the exposition, I saw that the children thought the miniature nuclear power plant, mega farm and Bijlmer apartment building were completely normal and even fun and didn't know anything about the political and societal aspects. I love this contrast!"


"The innocent world of children as opposed to the serious, large-scale (and at times painful) adult world."


Roovers made the blocks using laser cutting and 3D printing, techniques that have received much acclaim in the architecture world.


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