Wave Dilfert Installation by The Principals
by Harry / October 22, 2012

The Principals' latest exploration of interactive architecture, Wave Dilfert, reads the changes in light and shadow occurring within it, catalogs and calculates them, then pulses, contracts or expands in reaction.

The name Wave Dilfert tells part of the story: Wave, for moves in wave-form oscillations, and Dilfert for geek-like intelligence, absorbs information like a sponge.


The installation was inspired by the work of Ushahidi, a non-profit, crowdsourcing disaster relief, tech innovator.


Say The Principals, "Much how Ushahidi de-mystifies the complexities of war-torn or disaster ridden locales, The Principals developed a system that could de-mystify the complexities of space through sourcing the information of its users and making it accessible through interaction."


Wave Dilfert is the largest and most ambitious yet of The Principals' research installations, and was designed and displayed for The Feast, an international ideas conference held in NYC on October 5 and 6, 2012.


The installation measured 17' long x 13' wide x 10' high and was custom-designed for the entrance hall of the Essex Street Market in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


Constructed of a wood frame and 200 hand-painted paper panels, Wave Dilfert's brain and motor cortex are driven by a series of Arduinos, hi-torque stepper motors, drivers, light sensors and power regulators.


The technology "all combined to produce the first ever robotic space, able to change its characteristics in response to how it is being occupied."

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