Vienna Design Week 2012: Made by Forest
by Harry / October 16, 2012

Czech design collective Vyrobeno Lesem's (Made by Forest) exhibition at Vienna Design Week 2012, was literally made beside, and of parts, of the forest.

For Vyrobeno Lesem inspiration from the forest finds physical form "through experiments involving tradition, magic and craft".

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Considered combinations of materials include blown glass shaped by pine cones to make a delicate bottle, a wooden brush with pine needle bristles and wallpaper with graphic images of forest plant life.


"The resulting works hold a spirit connected to the forests from which they come. The final objects are recordings of memories from forest visits."


"They are interpretations of individual experiences, driving each designer's works and ultimately the entire collection."


"A visit to the forest and back.

We spend time in the forest and appreciate its tranquillity.

There are beneficial effects to being in the forest, and so it is natural to want to bring them into the spaces we inhabit. Both in obvious and subtle ways, we actively seek out objects which radiate the forest atmosphere into our homes.

Amongst the participants in Made by Forest, a common fascination of the woods has given rise to the individual collections presented, each processing the feelings and materials in unusual, intimate ways.

The magic of the forest: ants, scents, moss, a cuckoo, textures, woodpeckers, sounds, pitch, bark stuck on the sole; all of these details influence us, will remain with us well-after the visit, and are bringing the forest into our homes.

Association pasted out of memories.

A piece of forest in each of us.

Only pine needles remain."

Photos: Nick Albert/kollektiv fischka.


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