Mutationen Zoetrope by Konstantin Schmölzer
by Harry / October 16, 2012

Konstantin Schmölzer's Mutationen Zoetrope, presented at Vienna Design Week 2012, shows a fictitious living chair "between reality and animation".

Part of design collective Dunbar's Number Mutationen Exhibition, Schmölzer was one of the participating designers reflecting on the notion of mutation - the modification of existing structures, definitions and schemas.

"Mutation as a snapshot of visualization" was the subject and content of the exhibition, their first, at Vienna Design Week.

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Regarding his zoetrope, says Schmölzer, "Today there are innumerable chair interpretations with different functions and shapes. The initial core concept of a chair is a place to sit and settle down."


"In 2006 Sedes Cohorresco started as a shape study which uses a kind of paradox for its form language. It expresses movement like it would intent action. This frozen shape was realized as a stereo lithography scale model and published in several magazines and newspapers."

"Later the video installation‚ 'Hello ... I am a chair.' introduced the concept of Sedes Cohorresco from a personalized perspective to the spectator. In this work the chair is animated as a fictitious character and holds a monologue about its current situation of doubt and the thoughts about its own identity."


"In 2012 Sedes Cohorresco finds itself in a position between reality and animation. The Zoetrope."


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