The Committee of Sleep Lighting Installation by Talia Radford & Juan Sebastián Gómez
by Harry / October 15, 2012

Lighting objects that absorb energy released by the movement of people powered the lights in The Committee of Sleep exhibition by taliaYsebastian.

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The Committee of Sleep was shown at Vienna Design Week 2012 at the Applied Arts show in cooperation with MAK and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The lamps shown make use of the principle of "energy scavenging," which means the capturing of surplus energy from living organisms.


The installation, which consists of structural elements made of paper, is equipped with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), a newly developed lighting technology. The objects absorbed the energy released by the movement of visitors in the exhibition room and transmitted it to the light diodes.


Says taliaYsebastian, "The lighting situation thus varies with the frequency of visitors in the exhibition."


Radford and Gómez borrowed from nature for their project, specifically from the "sea orange," a luminous sponge that interacts with algae. The exhibition takes its name, The Committee of Sleep, from a term used by Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett, who in turn borrowed it from John Steinbeck, to refer to the role and influence that dreams can have for creative problem-solving or in finding approaches to scientific problems.

Photos: MAK/Katrin Wißkirchen.


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