Wara Tea Set by Margaux Keller
by Harry / October 10, 2012

Inspired by Maté, a traditional South American infused drink, Margaux Keller has created a new way of drinking tea with glass straws and an oversized tea glass.

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Wara tea set

Maté is a traditional South American infused drink prepared from steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water. It's usually served with a metal straw, that also acts as a sieve, from a shared hollow calabash gourd. Keller's Wara set, three flared straws with bulbous ends with small holes and a large gourd-like vessel, is made of Borosillicate glass.


Chari-vari pendant lamps

Wara is part of a new collection by Keller for new concept store C.F.O.C. in Paris. In addition to the straws, the collection also includes Chari-vari, a glass and porcelain pendant lamp, Tori, a glass vase and Botoru, a glass bottle.


The Chari-vari pendants are reminiscent of traditionnal chimes or Asian trinkets, with versions in different materials; porcelain, glass and ribbed glass.


Tori vase

Says Keller, "the Tori vase keeps a secret which is well protected but clearly visible: a suspended nest to put water and flowers inside."


Botoru bottle

The Botoru bottle has a narrow glass neck, "which transforms it into a strange, fantastic character straight out of Japanese fantasy literature."

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