Pinolo, Baia, Momento Accessories by Studio Klass
by Harry / October 2, 2012

Milan based Studio Klass has designed a series of simple but thoughtful ceramic accessories; a toothbrush holder, table mirror and container.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Studio Klass, "Pinolo redesigns the category of the toothbrush holder from a functional perspective; the usual function of the container, normally carried out by a glass adapted as toothbrush holder - with many hygiene issues - is rethought, inviting to store the toothbrush horizontally, thus helping the water flow in excess and simplifying daily cleaning."


"Momento is a table mirror dedicated to people and their private time; the design simplifies the use when the object is resting on the table and, the grooves on the back, allow convenient storage of the instruments used for body care."


"Baia is a ceramic bathroom container designed for personal objects that invites you to store them carefully during the care of the body, onto an object specially designed to contain them: it is composed of an upper part for the rings and a lower part for watch and bracelets."

The series was designed for Azzurra Ceramica and was shown at Cersaie 2012.


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