Digest to Understand by Jacopo Sarzi
by Harry / September 30, 2012

For the 2012 London Design Festival designer Jacopo Sarzi created three liquid infusions, a liquified manifestation of products by three designers showing their works at the festival; Catherine Aitken, Eva Malschaert and Pia Wüstenberg.

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Says Sarzi, "These concoctions were made with the intention of creating a synesthetic relationship between their ingredients and tools and the pieces displayed by Pia, Eva and Catherine." For each mixture/tool Sarzi considered the personal work and the background of each one of the designers taking part in Understory, a collective exhibition which took place in Brompton. "My response to their work, and my contribution to the exhibition were the three infusions and the three related tools."


Tack, for Catherine Aitken

For Catherine Aitken Sarzi designed "Tack" which was complemented with vegetable broth containing a little addition of peated Whiskey, "this because she has been working in Scotland (during a residency) with cherry tree dowels, using them to create a low table and a mirror."


Low tables by Catherine Aitken

The tack is the tool that relates the wood material to its use and establishes a playful relationship with the liquid when used for stabbing the steamed vegetables, cut into the shape of dowels, in the broth. "In the end, the addition of peated Whiskey to the broth adds a strange wooden taste which give you the impression of almost licking the [tables]..."


Buffer for Pia Wüstenberg

Sarzi created 'Buffer' for Pia Wüstenberg, a spoon and a botanical infusion tea-bag (fennel seeds, juniper, cinnamon, chamomile and cloves). "Pia was presenting some paper works that she did during a residency in India. Pia is German born but lives in England since 10 years, for me the relation between India and England was instantly related to Tea, but her being half German is present in the cinnamon, for which she goes crazy... "


Paper works by Pia Wüstenberg

As tea is a natural dye Buffer can also be used as a tool to pigment paper.


Brush for Eva Malschaert

For Eva Malschaert Sarzi designed 'Brush', related to a spicy hot chocolate, "in her work, she plays with the tactility of the project, and the elasticity of the elements. Brush for me was a different way to eat a thick liquid like hot chocolate, so thick that looks almost like paint!"


On Tension room divider by Eva Malschaert

"The brush allows you to fill the texture into your mouth, to play with the chocolate around your cup but at the same time to temperate its temperature..."

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