Dalton Containers by La Mamba
by Harry / September 24, 2012

Spanish design studio La Mamba's Dalton tube shaped containers have a 20º inclination near the top allowing for better ergonomics and control.

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The collection of dry food containers is reminiscent of old candy containers and are available in three sizes to store different types of food (sugar, rice, tea, vegetables...).


Dalton was presented at Valencia Disseny Week 2012 along with two other projects, Branches and Parallels, all made by design brand Omelette-ed.


Parallels is a simple analog wall clock inspired by the concept of sundials and the shadows the increments cast.


The clock can be placed with the inclined planes either horizontally or vertically as a function of the light entering the room in order to better view with the shadows.


Branches is a collection of salt & pepper shakers with a shape akin to tree branches.

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+ omelette-­ed.­com


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