Me In A Glass by Alberto Pangaro
by Harry / September 21, 2012

Designer Alberto Pangaro asks the question, "Have you ever thought of glassware as a personal, fashion product?" He has.

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Pangaro's project, Me In A Glass, presents a new way of thinking about traditional tabletop design. Each Me In A Glass product is the result of an unusual mix of design, research on materials, craftwork, cutting-edge manufacturing, creative inspiration and the "desire to play with imagination."


Says Pangaro, "Constant research in the field of glass coloring has allowed the brand to devise an exclusive, matchless and extremely personal palette. By manipulating colored vitreous paste, experienced craftsmen master each phase of a rather complex process, which eventually leads to the creation of entirely handmade products, all different from each other as a result of this precise production cycle."


"Playing with the glass colors brings about the creation of unique mixes, which represent their originary inspiration. In order to guarantee this uniqueness, the products are trapped, like rare and precious crystal, in vacuum packs and inserted into an exclusive package which conveys the mood that inspired them..."


Anti-Pharmacy, Flute


Rebel Milk, Big Cup

Organic Life, Drink Glass


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