Pocket Mirror by Minimalux
by Harry / September 19, 2012

London based design brand Minimalux has created a pocket mirror with a rim of precision machined solid brass.

Pocket Mirror

Minimalux is known for fusing traditional processes of British manufacture with modern, ultra simple forms.


Held in the hand or balanced on its side, Pocket Mirror provides a crystal clear reflection in a 50mm disc of mirror glass. It's not plated or lacquered, thus allowing its surface finish on the rim and back to change with use and age - eventually developing a rich natural patina and becoming uniquely personal to its owner.


Brass Band

Pocket Mirror is being shown in a film of a fictional, studio staged exhibition (up above) for the 2012 London Design Festival. Shot behind closed doors earlier this year, the film depicts an expansive installation of new and recent products in front of a cast of audience extras.


Three new products are shown in the video, in addition to the pocket mirror, Brass Band is a seamless band of solid spun brass. Says Minimalux, "Placed on a table it will contain, enclose and 'fence in' fruit and vegetables. When not in use it can be stored away on a wall, hanging from it's own cork hook."



And Trio, the third product, is 3 products in 1 - functioning as an eggcup, napkin ring or tea light holder. "It's a simple, seamless ring of solid metal - pop a tea light in it, eat an egg from it or thread a napkin through it."

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