Atlas Table by Gunnar Rönsch & Stephen Molloy
by Harry / September 18, 2012

Informed by a fascination with form and repetition, Gunnar Rönsch & Stephen Molloy's Atlas table is a play on three meanings of the word; the mountains bordering the sahara, the image of the geographical features on the surface of the planet, and the titan bearing the globe on his shoulders.

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Say Rönsch & Molloy, "It's kind of a heoric piece, there's a lot of labour involved, and it's real old fashioned craftsmanship."


"To create the dining table we took a cube of oak and rotated it by 45 degrees on two of its axis and planed off the pointy surface."


"When these cubes are arranged as a surface, they reveal a language of large and small triangles, but as you look around the edge of the cube you see the chunky wooden cubes that create the triangles."




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