Re-Imagined Furniture by Nina Tolstrup
by Harry / September 13, 2012

Studiomama's Re-Imagined Furniture collection takes existing, discarded furniture and re-imagines it.

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"Re-Imagine is a project born out of questioning our resourcefulness and our attitudes towards waste." says Tolstrup.


"It builds on the Studiomama's interests in expediency and re-using the existing, and speaks of our ability to see the potential in the overlooked and unloved."


As with a previous Studiomama collection, the Pallet Project, there is a message contained in 'Re-Imagine' to inspire and encourage people to look again at the unloved furniture in their homes, streets and markets and to make it anew.


"This is not just a sustainable approach to design and making, but a social one too; through working together with local craft people and pooling resources we can re-imagine the second-hand and redesign our everyday surroundings with our own touch of personality."


Studiomama will showing Re-Imagined at the 19 Greek Street Gallery House during the 2012 London Design Festival.

Textiles by David David design, photos by Studiomama.


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