Hold On Egg Cup by Doreen Westphal
by Harry / September 7, 2012

Doreen Westphal has created an egg cup made of concrete - with a magnet inside - so as to hold a spoon.

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Hold On Egg Cup

The shape of the Hold On cup was inspired by an egg cut in half. Says Westphal, "the trick is in the combination of concrete concealing a strong magnet which makes the spoon 'stick' on top of it."


"Concrete is an incredibly strong and rewarding material to work with... the combination of concrete with magnets is a concept you can vary endlessly."

Pencil Case

The Egg Cup is just one element of a Hold On series, Westphal has also collaborated with Jean Pierre Melville to design a Pencil Case and Empty Pocket. The pencil case has magnets so that paper clips and drawing pins stick to it.

Empty Pocket

The Empty Pocket is a handy container for pocket contents from keys to smart phone - propped up between three 5-cent coins. "Thanks to a slot in the container, all those little things can also be taken out of it again in one movement."


Concrete table lamp

Westphal also has created a table version of her concrete lamp with a base that consists of poured concrete in which very strong magnets are embedded. "Because of that, the hollow tube lamp can be fixed at any height you like - straight or angled, higher or lower."


Both the floor lamp version and the table lamp have concrete light switches.

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