Colors Glass Vessels by Vanessa Mitrani
by Harry / September 6, 2012

Vanessa Mitrani will be showing a series of colorful hand blown glass vessels bound in metal ribbon and wire at Maison Objet 2012.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Pelote with copper wire

The glass objects in Mitrani's Colors collection are bound by various materials; steel, aluminum or copper ribbon and wiring, or steel framed cubes.


XTREME Black with woven copper ribbon

The glass is then blown so as to push out beyond the constraining ribbon or wire.


Brick Sun

Says Mitrani, "The framework is present like a heavy jewel. Its ad-hoc development in space enables the glass to bloom in all directions."


"I wanted the sensation of constraint to be striking, obvious at first glance. The large dimensions of the vase also add to the dramatic effect."


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