_scape by Leslie Borg and Anita Silva
by Harry / August 3, 2012

Central Saint Martins MA students Leslie Borg and Anita Silva have created a conceptual object for Icelandair that encourages passengers to break away from the confinement of their seat, by inviting them to embark on an imaginary journey.

Say Borg and Silva, "This is done through a collection of Iceland-inspired sensory elements which have been packaged into a tactile, soft, organic shape. The shape, an exact replica of a rock picked up by the designers in Iceland, functions as a book with numerous layers to explore.

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Inside the object sounds, visuals, textures, scents and tastes can be discovered that have been designed to evoke and trigger the passenger's imagination. Although inspired by Iceland the elements in the kit are non didactic, leaving space for fantasy and memory, becoming truly individual to the user.


"_scape is made to contrast the straight lines and rather clinical interior of the airplane cabin. Inspired by Icelandic nature, it is made to look wild and untamed. Depending on how it is held, the body changes from black to white, representing the two dominant features in the Icelandic landscape: lava rock and ice. The interior is partly made of arctic wool, a delicate fabric that will, like nature, disintegrate if handled extensively."


"The project proposes to preserve the rare moment in which air-travel forces its passengers to become 'disconnected' and to utilize this time to connect with their own 'inner' entertainment system. It functions as both a distraction from boredom and anxieties and as a platform for passengers to reflect upon and become sensitive to their sensory perceptions. Its aim, in the long run, is to revise the commercial flight from being simply a mode of transport and restoring it to a sentimental, memorable experience."




Photos: Catherine O'Gorman.

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