Design & Chaos by Itay Ohaly
by Harry / August 2, 2012

Itay Ohaly deliberately embraces chaos in his design process for Design & Chaos, to "generate an infinite number of possibilities, surprises and interpretations."

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Design & Chaos consists of a series of desks conceived in various parts by different people at each stage. The people involved in the process executed a simple action without knowing the following phases and without knowledge of the purpose of their actions.


Explains Ohaly, "Rapid changes are taking place around us. Our current economic, social, ecological, environmental and institutional systems are now enormously complex. Chaos is everywhere around us."


"In the same time, a revolution is happening in the perception of ourselves, our culture and the nature of reality. Chaos theory demonstrates the fundamental fallacy of our belief in definitive control and prediction and shows that the future is increasingly uncertain. It suggests that instead of resisting life's uncertainties, we should embrace the possibilities they offer."


With Design & Chaos, Ohaly deliberately involved and embraced chaos in his design processes and methods. "These non-linear methods which are more in tune with our modern reality, generates an infinite number of possibilities, surprises and interpretations."


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