Chicara Art Motorcycles by Chicara Nagata
by Harry / July 24, 2012

Japanese artist Chicara Nagata is showing "art pieces, most commonly known as motorcycles" at MB&F's M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva until February, 2013.

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Chicara Art Four

For the past 20 years, Chicara Nagata has been dedicating his entire energy "to the creation of art pieces, most commonly known as motorcycles." says M.A.D. Gallery. "An engine, that paradoxically almost killed him in a terrible accident at the age of 16."


Chicara Art Three

Chicara draws, crafts and assembles close to 500 components that are then added to a vintage engine, manufactured between 1939 and 1966. The number of pieces and the time spent on each machine gives a completely different dimension to the motorcycle.


Chicara Art One

"His obsession for detail is not surprising when you know that he is a graphic designer who spent nearly 3 years into the completion of his first piece of art CHICARA ONE, he finished in 2004 after 7500 hours of work."


Chicara Art Three

The unique pieces, named Chicara Art one to four, have won six consecutive awards at shows in Belgium, France, and Germany "before garnering global recognition at the AMDChampionship (the most recognized custom bike award worldwide.)"


"If you picture Chicara as a bosozoku - a member of a rebel Japanese bike gang, hairy, tattooed, driving around with a bad boy style you got everything wrong. Chicara is actually a peaceful and passionate artist who lives by himself in the Saga prefecture of Kyushu island, 18 hours away from Tokyo. His mind and power of creation are only driven by spirituality and zen attitude."


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