5 Questions for Scott Wilson
by Harry / July 18, 2012

It's been six years since we last interviewed designer Scott Wilson. We figured it was time for an update after the wildly successful LunaTik Watch launch on Kickstarter and the all-new TAKTIK iPhone case now also on Kickstarter.

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TAKTIK iPhone case

We get the distinct feeling that you're making these iPhone accessories for yourself. Is that where it all begins?

The watches - they were for me. It started as a pet project. The pen was as well to fit our workflow and how we move between paper and pixels. The TAKTIK case on the other hand is definitely for people that are more demanding of their phones than I am. But there are those days when I would need a TAKTIK. The main inspiration behind it was that there was an obvious need in the market as evidenced by all the rugged cases but after trying a bunch we were just really disappointed in the quality so we decided to do it better.


LunaTik Touch Pen

We think "doing it better" has been the objective since you began with the watch. We'd venture that that attention to detail is a hallmark of all of your designs. Would you say this applies to every facet of your life, both professional and personal? Is there an unkempt part of Scott Wilson?

I would say it's the way I am wired. Always looking for opportunities to make things better. It's probably also a curse. I am not sure how my wife puts up with me in that regard. As far as an unkempt part of my life, of course there is. You can't take on this many projects, start-ups, personal projects, etc. and keep it all on the rails. Luckily I have great support from my studio, network and family. Without my wife, Nicole, half of my life would be a mess. :)


LunaTik Chicago Collection iPod Nano watch

Now that you've dealt with the outside of the iPhone, any chance you'll tackle the inside with, say, an app?

Well I can't give away too many details but we are working on several apps from collaboration to e-commerce to health + wellness that we will begin launching in the next couple months. Ever since our experience with Microsoft Courier we have been designing more and more integrated software and hardware experiences. So we are pretty excited to be launching a variety of new digital products shortly. I think our first one will make all our LUNATIK fans very happy.


The LunaTik iPod Nano watch that started it all

Ok, we won't ask for specifics, but at a conceptual level, will there be a clear connection between the Lunatik hardware aesthetic and the software/app aesthetic?

From what people tell me that know my work and the studio's work there is always a consistency of quality in things that we touch (and can control). One of the apps will have a direct link to the new LUNATIK branding. And it will empower our fans and loyal customers around the world. It could be quite disruptive to the way you access and acquire new customers.

What *can* you tell us is next, either for Lunatik, MNML or Scott Wilson?

After having lunch and hanging with Michelle Obama last Friday, in conjunction with winning Smithsonian's National Design Award, my wife and I looked at each other and jokingly said "Now what?". Kidding aside we have a lot on our plate from extending the LUNATIK brand into other categories, developing and launching a MNML line of products, some exciting new clients and collaborations, as well continuing to explore the future of crowd-funding and the exciting opportunities this direct access can create.


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