Tryptique Mirror by Patrick Norguet
by Harry / July 6, 2012

Patrick Norguet has designed three mirrors in three parts, a triptych, as part of a first collection of furniture and objects by Norguet for french piano maker Pleyel.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Norguet, "For this first collaboration with Pleyel I wanted to draw a family mirrors - to be more exact, three triptychs."


"Each consists of three black mirror surfaces that swivel, thus giving a fractal image of the environment in which they operate."


"A concealed swivel mechanism reinforces the idea of ​​a mysterious object on the wall. A matte black lacquer finish comes in opposition to a black reflective surface."


A 200 year old piano brand, Pleyel intends to use their manufacturing know how - cabinet making, carpentry, marquetry, lacquer - to make high quality, long lasting furniture.

Photos: Felipe Ribon.


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