Adam by William Lee
by Harry / June 28, 2012

William Lee's geometric Adam concept, seen here small scale for the table top, can be tableware, used for lighting, as a table or on a grand scale as architecture reminiscent of a grand parasol for a public space.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"Adam is synonymous of an atom. Born from the geometry of hexagonal molecular structures. The fundamental building blocks of early life." explains Lee.


The surfaces of the Adam bowl (above) display a high level of sophisticated transitions achieved through additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing.


Lee's continued exploration with geometry has led to a balancing of lines in structure from a 2D top view to 3D form.


Through scale, Lee's process allows the form to expand in functionality and context. On a bigger scale, placing a glass top (as above) allows it to be a structural coffee table, supported by three standing points.


And on a grander scale the Adam design displays its topographical footprint and architectural quality. From a ground perspective Adam transforms in dimensionality and is reminiscent of a grand parasol design for a public space.


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