Const Lamp by Ploypan Theerachai
by Harry / June 14, 2012

Ploypan Theerachai's CONST Lamp allows the user to have fun in addition to providing light.

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As a student at Konstfack University College Theerachai recognized that "play" is becoming synonymous for creativity and problem solving. She uses play as a methodology for her design process and argues that concept and personality have become more sellable commodities today than simple functionality.


The CONST desk lamp is composed of three basic components; base, body and shade. Keeping in mind these simple elements and their respective roles, Theerachai playfully combines expression with function.


The concrete and marble base keep the octagon-shaped wood body balanced and allows for the adjusting the angle of the shade by rotating it, which, says Theerachai, is "reminiscent of playing with Lego blocks".


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