Daylight Lamps by Philippe Malouin
by Harry / June 13, 2012

Philippe Malouin has created a series of lamps or artificial windows based on the Tangram and inspired by plantation shutters called Daylight.

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Rather than mounted, Daylight's shutters are secured to a bare wall and contain an artificial light source. Each individual slat in the "window" is lined with LEDs that replicate the color temperature of daylight.


Mike Tiedy, SVP Global Brand Design & Innovation at Starwood with designer Philippe Malouin

The light emitted is reflected back from the wall on which the window is mounted to produce the impression that a real window lies behind. Light intensity can be adjusted by manipulating the angle of the shutters.

Daylight was one of the W Hotels Designers of the Future projects revealed at Design Miami/Basel 2012. The WDOF is an award which gives emerging designers a global platform to showcase their work. The projects debut at Basel and then travel to W Hotels around the world.


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