The Dream by Brad Ascalon
by Harry / June 7, 2012

"This is the new promise of the American dream" says Brad Ascalon about his The Dream installation at New York's Gallery R' Pure.

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In May 2012, to celebrate New York Design Week, Gallery R' Pure invited 10 critically acclaimed US based designers to present works that invited gallery visitors to revisit objects and symbols that have forged the American landscape.


Each piece was a designer's personal interpretation of some aspect of American life, be it celebratory, critical or simply observational. The exhibition intended to question what American life is, whether real or perceived.


Says Ascalon, "Historically, the white picket fence has been seen as a symbol of the ideal middle class suburban life in America. I wanted to use this ubiquitous American object as a commentary on a dream which has become nearly impossible for most Americans to realize."


"Within the boundaries of a society largely living above its own means, an unregulated banking system that plays by its own rules, and a government that idly stands by as millions of homes are being foreclosed upon, there lies an absolute truth which is that the direction we're moving as a society has become unsustainable and toxic."


"The distance between the upper and middle class has increased exponentially, and within a limited timeframe, the dream for too many has shifted from living a comfortable and picturesque suburban life to wondering if today's the day the electricity will shut off."


"This is the new promise of the American dream."

Photos: Miller Taylor


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