Shylight by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn
by Harry / June 5, 2012

Studio Drift's Shylight is just that. It falls out of its cocoon’, open its petals and floats down to show all its splendor. At the slightest hint of danger it flips up and retreats into its shell.

Shylight at Design Days Dubai '12


Made of stainless steel, aluminium, silk and Hi-bright LEDs, Shylight unfolds its blossom by a system of springs. The lampshade is made out of many layers of pure silk, kept apart by arms that connect to the springs.


When the sun shines, or the music plays, they open up, float down in the air and dance. The lights are based on natural processes of flowers attracting and rejecting bees.


Gravity allows the light to slide down and a motor controls the upward movement. The brightness of the LEDs and the speed of the movement are fully programmable and can be controlled by iPhone or iPad.

Studio DRIFT at Luminale 2012 featuring Shylight


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