That Piece of Time Coffee Table by Luna Seo
by Harry / June 3, 2012

A low table with an integrated glass prism marks the passage of time in Konstfack University Masters student Luna Seo's That Piece of Time project.

At a precise time in a given day light strikes the prism and a rainbow coloured projection is produced.

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That Piece of Time: a coffee table

The coffee table consists of two levels of different height, with a glass prism filling in the gap between the tops.

Says Seo, "Consider time as a continuation of 'now's. Not a single one is the same. So consistent and everlasting, one can easily forget its weight, take it for granted. One meets miracles at every single 'now', although some are forgotten and only some remain."


That Piece of Time: a vase

The objects in the That Piece of Time collection "grasp time from the sunlight and shed unexpected, unrepeatable moments for you to cherish. It unveils pieces of time through the meetings between light and light-refracting materials."

"Some ordinary moments are enlightened by sorrowful backgrounds. Visualizing this, the vase is stabbed by its own holder, and is hung in the air."


"As the expected role to a vase is to hold flowers in water, this vase is to create its own blossoms in time with the collaboration with the sun. The predicted becomes memorable."


The intent of the That Piece of Time project is to awaken an appreciation of unconsciously forgotten elements of everyday life, 'time' is the focal point of the story. "It is a collaborative work with the sun, since the circulation of the sun is the actual body of time." Seo chose to work with spectrum; it shows what is embedded inside daylight and reveals its beauty. "Also as an advantage of working with the nature, it reinforces the rareness and unexpectedness, which are the keys to enhancing the appreciation and joy."

That Piece of Time will be shown at DMY Berlin as part of a collective of Konstfack graduates from June 6-10, 2012 and will also show at Tent London during the London Design Festival in September 2012.


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