Peg Lamp & Chair by Tomas Rojcik
by Harry / May 28, 2012

Toronto based designer/builder Tomas Rojcik combines 3D printed resin, parchment and maple in 

Peg: a lamp and chair.

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Combining traditional craft techniques and cutting edge production methods is the basis behind Rojcik's works.


With a mass production background and an education in craft, Rojcik attempts to bridge the gap between old and new, humanizing technology and modernizing craft.


The lamp and chair combination was designed with small spaces in mind.


The light source is directly hung over the occupant's head, to reference the creation and formation of new ideas.


The legs of the lamp nest under the chair and create both a column of personal space and a private and secluded area for one.

Peg was part of the 2012 MOTO @DomisonDesign exhibition showcasing the works of cutting edge designers from Montreal and Toronto, Canada.


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