Plicate Watch by Benjamin Hubert
by Harry / May 8, 2012

Benjamin Hubert's new wristwatch for Nava uses a three dimensional faceted surface to display increments of time.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Reminiscent of the pleats found in his Bellows bags for Nava, the three dimensionality replaces the conventional 2D graphical display of time and is in fact inspired by the plicate pleats found in paper fans.


The pleated surface of Plicate is also detailed on the underside of the watch strap to allow the flow of air between the strap and the user to prevent the build up of sweat, a common and unpleasant feature of flat polymer watch straps.


Says Hubert, "The design is a study into a new typology of wrist watch and the challenge of convention is also described through its strap closure. The traditional buckle fixing is replaced with an asymmetrical 'clasp' fixing found more commonly in festival wrist bands."


"This not only allows for a tactile experience when on the users wrist but commands a distinctive silhouette when displayed in store, differentiating it from the crowded timepiece market."


"The geometric design language can also be found in the detailing of the hands with a double length second hand selected as most users do not actually use the second hand to tell the time on analogue watches it becomes a piece of decoration - therefore by doubling its length, the decorative impact is multiplied."


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