Growing Lampshades by Peter Kraft
by Harry / May 7, 2012

Peter Kraft has created a series of lights that, with heat from the element inside the bulb, expands and distorts the bulb.

Watch the video carefully, you'll notice the bulbs are expanding.

The goal was to emulate the effect of natural light illuminating the darkness, expanding into the space.

(Click the image below for full sized image)



Says Kraft, "When nature illuminates the darkness, it is not done by a simple click. Natural light comes into being by a visual process."



"It is not only helping you to see well, it is an experience and affects your mood. this project deals with the issue of light creation."


"The light and the heat generated thereby create the lampshade as a visible act of deformation."


Ceiling version

Growing Lampshades were shown at Ventura Lambrate 2012 in Milan with concept and design help from Moritz Fuhrmann, Jochen Maria Weber and Julian Eich Reuter.


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