Miss Sissi bio-on Lamp by Philippe Starck
by Harry / May 4, 2012

A lamp designed by Philippe Starck in 1991 is now the world's first lamp made of a revolutionary bioplastic called PHAs, which itself is the equivalent of treacle.

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Up until now Miss Sissi, an icon in lighting design made by lighting brand Flos, has been made of polycarbonate, one of the most widely used plastics in industry. Flos partnered with biotechnology firm bio-on to create the world's first product - the Miss Sissi lamp - made with PHAs, a 100% naturally water-biodegradable bioplastic.


The PHAs biopolymer is revolutionary because it is made from the waste materials of sugar beet and cane production, which has zero impact on the food cycle. Says bio-on, PHAs bioplastic "requires no organic solvents, it is completely biodegradable in soil and water and it provides exceptional performance."


"We are pleased to be entering this new challenge for the future," says Piero Gandini, Chairman and managing director of FLOS S.p.A., "which represents the non-stop Italian innovative spirit, splendidly exemplified by bio-on. We cannot wait to continue the tests on other products and materials, so that there can soon be a turning point in environmentally-friendly production, already encapsulated by our 'Cradle to Cradle' Soft Architecture material."


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