Summertime Collection by Nika Zupanc
by Harry / April 28, 2012

At Milan Design Week 2012 designer Nika Zupanc presented a lighting and furniture collection that explored summer, "emotional effect and the juxtaposition of materials."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


The collection, consisting of a lamp, a chair and a table, were taken into a completely new territory for Zupanc: the summery outdoors.


Says Zupanc, "Numerous interpretations of their generic nature equip the objects with a disturbing beauty and defamiliarization of collective summer memories brings an uncanny allure to the Summertime collection."


"The Bubble lamps are made of an extraordinary pink glass, produced by Vistosi brand with centenary tradition in glass of Murano for Nika Zupanc. But the flourish blow up of rosa antico is what makes them an intruder to the mise-en-scène of dying glory of Lord Byron's Venice."


"Foldable Summertime chairs with their red gold embroidered seat cushions are unsettlingly engaging, while the Summertime table in its noir surface and toy-like winding mechanism hides the potential of an impromptu blackboard or a mirror, your own private vanity fair."



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