One Day in the Life of V.M. Space Quilt by Lanzavecchia + Wai
by Harry / April 26, 2012

The everyday actions of a routine day are recorded and woven into Lanzavecchia + Wai's One Day in the Life of V.M. on Earth quilt.

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The woven Mylar quilt was presented at the ANOTHER TERRA - IN Residence Exhibition at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2012.


The list of objects and the tools used

The Space Quilt was created to preserve the memory of life on Earth as would be seen from "another terra", a future human colony on another Earth-like planet.


The words stamping process

Says Lanzavecchia + Wai, "It was not uncommon, in early American culture, for quilts to reflect a mosaic of a woman's life, often including swatches of material from memorable events..."


Detail of words stamped onto Mylar strips

"On any routine day of V.M, it is marked by the objects of everyday actions. However on Another Terra, daily life could be completely different. Like a mantra, on each woven golden Mylar strip is hand-stamped repeatedly in absolute chronological order, the individual names of objects encountered, touched, or used."


The weaving process

"A seemingly mundane fragment of life is then sealed, given permanence. These words re-materialize the possessions, their related everyday gestures and rituals of a day on Earth that is impossible to repeat ever again."


"One day in the life of V.M. on Earth is both the product of a private story and an artifact for the future."

Photos: Davide Farabegoli, Wallace Wong.


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