Swell Collection by Christopher Jenner
by Harry / April 25, 2012

Christopher Jenner has created a furniture and lighting collection with an unusual hallmark, the underside detail is every bit as compelling as the topside.

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Galactic side table

The seven pieces take inspiration from childhood play says Jenner, "English carriages and classic furniture to exuberantly reinterpret the established canon of form and shape."


Space Saddle ottoman

Pushing boundaries and redefining traditional craftsmanship, the Swell collection is produced using extensive and technological manufacturing processes.


UFO floor lamp

Entirely British made, the collection features deeply buttoned calf leather benches, ottomans, and stools in a spectrum of complimentary colours, "whilst sand cast tables with glass legs and hand blown lamps in metallic finishes add a touch of magic."


UFO table lamp

"Each piece bears testimony to the tangible luxury and distinction that comes from uniquely combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology."


Super Galactic table

"Swell was designed with the specific intent of stirring emotions" says the designer from his London studio. "I want my work to have simple and immediate appeal. I believe that design should be instinctive and individual - a direct response to the mass produced tyranny of good taste."


The Looking Glass House

For Milan Design Week 2012 Jenner created an allegorical installation called The Looking Glass House to introduce Swell.


"Inside, 200 balloons cocoon the pieces, playfully refracting light and colour. A mirrored floor reveals a notable hallmark of the collection: underside detail that is every bit as compelling." Photos: Michael Franke.

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