Nothing Lamp by Francisco Gomez Paz
by Harry / April 23, 2012

After three years of development Francisco Gomez Paz has created a lamp that expands from an electronic circuit board.

Gomez Paz's understanding of the nature and potential of LEDs - tiny electronic components capable of making light - was the starting point for the development of the Nothing lamp.

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Says Gomez Paz, "Nothing exists out of a simple yet powerful gesture: the first three-dimensional transformation of an electronic circuit."


The designer has long held that LEDs have the potential to "practically disappear" - to become nothing. "Of course they would be a 'practically nothing' of almost infinite potential, though 'nothing' in terms of volume and form."


Instead of creating yet another housing for this "nothingness", Gomez Paz wanted to give the light visual expression, something as close as possible to the intrinsic nature of LEDs.


The printed circuit support contains all of the key elements; the LEDs, connections and the rudimentary form that expands like an accordion. It snaps to a music stand-like base structure, held in place with magnets.


"Nothing is the first lamp of a new generation. Not only because it uses LEDs without any formal residue of the old light bulbs, but also because it does not carry its own diffuser around with it, and instead exploits the space in which it is opened."


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