P.O.V. Vase by Ward van Gemert and Adriaan van der Ploeg
by Harry / April 10, 2012

NIGHTSHOP's P.O.V. vase changes color when you walk around it.

Made of different kinds of plastics, the P.O.V. vase will be available in an "endless variety of colors and patterns."


Says NIGHTSHOP, "The name P.O.V. Means 'point of view', a term coming from the film industry, and basically means the angle from which the viewer is looking."

Based in Rotterdam, "NIGHTSHOP tries to create new and surprising products with a reference to everyday life and a strong focus on bringing aspects of 'low-culture' into our designs."


NIGHTSHOP will be showing the P.O.V. vase at Ventura Lambrate during the Salone del Mobile 2012 in Milan.

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