Chandlo Dressing Table by Doshi Levien
by Harry / April 9, 2012

Earlier this year Doshi Levien, the designers of IMM Cologne's Das Haus 2012 installation, created a dressing table for their vision of a perfect home.

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Chandlo was designed as a special prototype for Das Haus 2012. Made by BD Barcelona, "Chandlo" means moon shape and also Bindi, the coloured dot worn by Indian women on the forehead to which the circular mirror makes reference.


Says Doshi Levien, "The seemingly abstract composition of the mirrors, cabinet and surface is based on the gestures and daily ritual of dressing up and grooming, celebrating the enjoyment of getting dressed and the importance of personal grooming as part of our daily well being ritual."


Chandlo is an architectural composition of forms and planes designed to be viewed from all sides, revealing different aspects of the object as you walk around it. "Our intention was to create a composition in which the elements are holding each other in position without actually touching."


Chandlo's rotating stool has silver embroidered lines on leather cushions.

"To maintain the simplicity of this deconstructed arrangement, we had to conceal the production methods and this presented many technical challenges overcome masterfully by BD Barcelona."


The different areas of the Das Haus home depended mainly on objects and furniture to define space, like Chandlo.


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