Lake Of Shimmer - Avant Time N˚3 Watch by Tokujin Yoshioka
by Harry / April 2, 2012

The passage of time is marked by the luminance of faceted crystal with Tokujin Yoshioka's new watch design for Swarovski.

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Presented at the recent Baselworld watch show in Switzerland, the watch marks the passage of time with the luminance of the faceted crystal face of the watch.


"Lake of Shimmer" Swarovski stand at Baselworld 2009, concept Design: Tokujin Yoshioka, construction: Expomobilia

Consisting of a single 12 faceted crystal, the watch was inspired by the facade of the stand Yoshioka designed for Swarovski in 2009 for Baselworld.

The bracelet's mirrored surface octagonal pattern shimmers like "sunlight reflected on the surface of a lake."


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