Milan 2012 Preview: Crane Light by Charlie Davidson
by Harry / March 28, 2012

Designer Charlie Davidson will be showing his Crane Lamp, featuring a 1:50 scale model of the worlds tallest crawler crane, in Milan next month.

Says Davidson, "It was inspired by a series of disconnected events starting with when I worked for LEGO many years ago as a freelance concept designer. It was at LEGOs design studios in Denmark I spotted a beautiful scale model of a crane, totally useless but non the less amazing in its detail."

(Click the image below for full sized image)


"Years passed by and I came across the Arco lamp by those famous Italian brothers . I wondered why no one had approved upon this design which got me thinking about how else you could support a light shade in the middle of a room. The rest you can guess.

The electromagnet and glass tube sculpture is my little addition to the German made 1:50 scale model of the worlds tallest crawler crane."


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