MINDCRAFT12 Milan Preview: The Dandies Mirror by benandsebastian
by Harry / March 27, 2012

Designers benandsebastian will be showing a mirror that "reflects, distorts and transforms its context" at the upcoming MINDCRAFT12 show in Milan.

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The Dandies Mirror by benandsebastian

Inspired by historic plate glass manufacturing techniques, benandsebastian have created a project that works on several levels: as a design object, as an image and as a spatial installation that reflects, distorts and transforms its context.


Beetle Chair by GamFratesi

Also at MINDCRAFT12, GamFratesi's Beetle Chair with a beetle's tough exterior and soft interior. The "insect's dynamic movement in space is reflected in a four-legged chair on wheels."


Poet's Book Hanger by Jakob Jørgensen

A functional alternative to the classic bookshelf, Jakob Joergensen's Poet's Book Hanger uses long "hooks" over which books can be hung spine up, which can also serve as a bookmark.


Papercuts by Louise Campbell

Papercuts is a series of lamps made ​​of paper by Louise Campbell.


"Originally these lights were to be produced in laser-cut steel and textiles, but during the manufacturing modelling process paper showed so many fine qualities that steel and fabric samples paled in comparison."


All Good Things Come in Threes by Peter Johansen

Three nesting tables inspired by the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Designer Peter Johansen "was guided by the Three Bears and their mutual differences and tried to transfer this difference to the tables. Unlike conventional tables, which are often the same shape scaled down relative to one another, Johansen's tables differ in their expression."

MINDCRAFT12 takes place April 17 to 22, 2012 in Ventura Lambrate, 6 Via Ventura, 20134 Milan.

Photos: 2012 Danish Crafts / jeppegudmundsen.com

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