Undergraduate Shelving by Andy Martin
by Harry / March 26, 2012

Andy Martin's 'undergraduate' shelving is a reinvention of the classic stacked building bricks and boards shelving typically found in cramped students accommodation.

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Says Martin, "when I was a student, in Sydney, in campus accommodation with three other students we built brick shelves everywhere, they ended up forming the walls between us. In later years they evolved intomirade of painted and graffiti structures which dominated our space".


The Undergraduate Shelving bricks are CNC carved from fast grown timber and
then coated in a lacquer. The blocks are clipped together using a rubber puck and allow for flexibility with slight movements of the timber.


Martin sees Undergraduate Shelving as "'back to basic' blocks ridding ourselves of the complexities of contemporary furniture and giving the opportunity to be modified and redesigned by the user."



Undergraduate Shelving will be shown at Meet My Project, during FuoriSalone in Milan from April 17 to 21, 2012.

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