Bat Rack by The Principals
by Harry / March 12, 2012

Design studio The Principals have created an unusual coatrack for the American Design Club's recent show "THREAT".

It's called Bat Rack, it's a coat rack made from a baseball bat which can also be used as a burglar deterrent.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Say The Principals, "Crossing a classic piece of sports equipment with an everyday household piece of furniture, the Bat Rack uses iconographic items to create a unique piece that functions both passively and actively, to serve and protect."


"As a weapon of self defense and a place to hang your belongings, the Bat Rack can be installed on any wall by swinging, spike-end first, or used to stop any burglar in their tracks."


"Constructed from solid Carolinian maple and hand-turned stainless steel, the Bat Rack is inspired by the supple curves of Danish mid-century masters and the crack of a bat heard from neighborhood sandlots."


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