Drawing Vessels by Fumiaki Goto
by Harry / February 21, 2012

Fumiaki Goto's Drawing Vessels combine clay with graphite to produce a ceramic vessel than can be used to draw.

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The goal was to produce a pencil lead as a type of ceramic object. The vessels are made by mixing clay with graphite and baking it at high temperature. In fact, the vessels are made with the same recipe as a pencil lead.


Says Goto, "So they are not only ceramic vessels but also tools for drawing. The special way of baking makes the white part normal ceramic and makes the black part a pencil lead. The user can grab the white part and can use the pencil without making a hand dirty."


Drawing Vessels were shown at the Ambiente international trade fair earlier this month as part of Ceramic Lab, an exhibition by new design collective "bril". Designers Tatsuo Kuroda, Jo Nakamura and Fumiaki Goto studied at Design Academy Eindhoven, and after returning to Japan, founded bril and began collaborating to present experimental design works.

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