Moon For Zero Lamps by Färg&Blanche
by Harry / February 14, 2012

Newly formed Färg&Blanche presented their folded fabric Moon For Zero lamps at Stockholm Design Week 2012. Named for reflecting the light around it, and a little extra detail at the top.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Färg&Blanche is the new Stockholm studio for designers Emma Marga Blanche and Fredrik Färg, who after the 20 designers at Biologiska exhibition last year decided to combine their talents.


Says Färg about Moon For Zero, "The experience of Moon is as enchanting as the one in the sky: the light that surrounds it is reflected on the surface like the rays of the sun when they meet the moon. From the the earth you will never see the backside of the moon so we decided that we would stamp out the pattern of the back of the moon on the top of the lamp, like a little treasure that you barely see but is beautiful when understand it."


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