28d Table Lamp by Omer Arbel
by Harry / February 14, 2012

Omer Arbel has created a small table lamp with a single "satellite" from his iconic blown-glass Series 28 Chandelier.

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The inner spheres are created when air is intermittently blown in and sucked out of the "glass matrix" when being made. The Series 28 chandelier is composed of several of these spheres-within-spheres, inner "satellites", one of which is an opaque milk white glass bubble that houses a 20 watt xenon lamp.


A full constellation, a 28 Series chandelier seen from below

The 28d fixture is designed to sit on a horizontal surface (a desk, table, shelf, or even the floor). It consists of a single illuminated 28 piece wired to a flexible grey crochet memory cable. The cable is intended to be coiled into a sculptural pattern to provide a cushioned surface on which the glass sits.

Photos: Spencer Hung, Gwenael Lewis

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