Sfumato Clock by Linn Kandel
by Harry / February 3, 2012

A wall clock that's barely there by Linn Kandel is one of several new products from new design brand La Vague.

La Vague, "the wave" in french, is a platform for self-produced products by a group of young designers that includes Dimitri Bähler, Anurag Etchpareborda, Anne Julmy, Linn Kandel and Charlotte Talbot. "As a publisher of self-produced objects, La Vague can offer different objects at various levels of production ranging from several hundred copies to very limited editions, to unique pieces."

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The Sfumato clock employs sfumato, a technique of allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into one another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms. The clock's hands disappear gradually from the outside in. The clock mechanism is concealed behind the plexiglas dial which is gradient printed.


Node by Charlotte Talbot is a hand made basket is made of hardened polypropylene rope. It can be used to put objects in or as a fruit basket.


Gaignal by Dimitri Bähler is a storage set for pens and office stationery. The shapes come from the used material's "maximal capacities"; thermo shrinkable tube. The base is made of turned maple.


Deadaleas by ECAL/Fanny Dora is a book holder and wall shelf, "the meeting of wood and mirrored inox is a game of appearance and disappearance that influences the perception of the two objects".


Round & Round by ECAL/Jean Besson is a desktop balancing sculpture made out of a section of ash and a carbon profile in several dimensions. Little plastic elements are used for connecting the parts together.


Volet by Dimitri Bähler is an anodized aluminium hook that's laser cut and folded in a way to hide the fixation system - a simple screw - giving the object an unexpected volume.


Sac A Dos / Pochette by Linn Kandel, two bags with a small volume for everyday use. Made of Tyvek - a strong, light and waterproof material - the bags "propose a more durable but also aesthetic alternative to paper bags."


Tronc by Chalotte Talbot is a lamp with an indirect and soft light "perfectly suited for a bedside lamp." The base is made of ash and the lampshade out of paper.


Kitchen Clock by Anurag Etchepareborda is a little table clock that, "by its radical and simple design allows the user to contemplate an aesthetic purely based on the quality of the wood."

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