Toronto Design Week 2012: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
by Harry / January 26, 2012

MOCO LOCO is in Toronto for Toronto Design Week, Sabine and Harry will be attending the various events; CUTMR, Associates, IDS, DX, Not Forkchops, Capacity, Do Design, Radiant Dark, Ideacious, Castor and MOTO to name a few(!). For daily updates please see our Twitter feed at, our updates at and now also on Instagram. Above, Jade Rude's You Look Great Mirror which will be shown during Do Design.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


Jade's mirror, seen here supported with a wooden structure, will be displayed in the window of the Helia Beauty Salon at 848 Dundas Street West in Toronto. For a listing of all the events see Toronto Design Offsite.

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